Here at Robert W. Droll, Landscape Architect, PS, our goal is to balance the demanding needs of the human program and the ecological needs of our complex environment. Finding this balance is a discovery process guided by our enthusiasm and seasoned experience. You, the client, will be an essential contributor in this process.

We seek those clients who recognize planning and community design is not only an art, but also a science based on cold hard facts.  We draw on vast “rubber-meets-road” experience to justify our design decisions- the result being beautiful, economically-minded designs that turn into beloved community spaces.

We understand the importance of well-thought-out master planning and design, working with government agencies, funding requirements, and the need to meet project schedules and budgets.

Every aspect of your project will be subject to a critical management review, from the signing of a clear and fair agreement, through well-coordinated documents, to timely delivery.

We look forward to working with you!

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Our team of dedicated, client-oriented professionals is here to help. We are passionate about designing dynamic and well-loved spaces that stand the test of time.

And we’re fun to work with too! Get to know us a little below, then drop us a line to say hello - we don’t bite.
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Robert W. Droll, ASLA

Credentials: University of Idaho Bachelor of Landscape Architecture 1979, Licensed in Idaho License #101 and Washington License #530
Favorite Historic Landscape Architect: Frederick Law Olmsted
Favorite Place to Vacation: The Lost Coast of Alaska
Closest connection to a celebrity: An airline ticket agent once asked me, “Aren’t you that dead singer John Denver?”

Paul Miller

Credentials: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture University of Idaho; Certified Irrigation Design; Certified Playground Safety Inspection from the National Playground Safety Institute.
Favorite Movie:The Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Historic Landscape Architect: M. Paul Friedberg – for his innovations in playground and public plaza design.
Favorite Pastime: Would have to be painting and drawing, but on the more active side I also like skiing & hiking.
Favorite Place to Vacation: British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies
Fun Fact: I very much want to visit Europe some day, hopefully soon. I haven’t yet been outside the U.S. other than to Canada.

Don Campbell

Credentials: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Auburn University; Licensed in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Utah.
Favorite Movie: Book of Eli
Favorite Historic Landscape Architect: Thomas Church
Favorite Pastime: Mountaineering, Sea Kayaking, Playing Rugby
Favorite Place to Vacation: Redneck Riviera, Gulf Shores Alabama
Fun Fact: My dream is to spend a summer in Antarctica retracing Roald Amundson’s route to the South Pole.

Heidi Droll

Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz
Favorite Pastime: I would play tennis every day if I could but life gets in the way. I also enjoy skiing, keeping a vegetable garden, cooking, crabbing with Bob on our boat, my dogs, and of course hanging out with our daughters.
Favorite Place to Vacation: Florida and Hawaii
Fun Fact: While I have only been surfing one time, on my 50th birthday I would love to say “I’m a surfer girl!”